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The Hazmieh International Medical Center established itself as a leader in the field of Cosmetic Surgery as well as non surgical procedures.

The HIMC surgeons are amongst the most experienced in the Middle East having carried out a multitude of successful procedures, utilizing the most advanced equipment available to provide safe, natural looking results.

With visiting doctors from around the globe, the HIMC medical team strives to offer the most up to date range of services available today and insists to provide the highest standards of treatment that the medical profession can offer.


Thousands of Cosmetic Surgeries

Established in 1998, the founders of HIMC brought over 30 years of experience, a selection of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the Middle East and a passion to build a fresh thinking institution. By offering the latest treatments and expert care to customers, the HIMC group has treated thousands of cosmetic surgery patients over the Middle East. HIMC’s Plastic Surgery Procedures are performed in our state of the art operating rooms by our proficient Surgeons. Our non surgical treatments are done in the Clinic Space by our specialized Dermatologists and highly qualified Nurses. Our medical staff is selected for their experience and expertise as well as their friendliness and approachability.


A Center Dedicated To Your Wellbeing

HIMC is comprised of three main sections, notably the clinic area, the operating rooms and the inpatient floor. The 10 clinic rooms, 4 operating rooms and 20 inpatients rooms are designed to guarantee optimal patient privacy. Consultations take place in the Clinic Space where patients are given a date for surgery. The patient is then accompanied to the inpatient floor, after surgery where he/she is in direct contact with the hospital’s General Practitioner, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the nurse. A private lift accompanies the patient to the Operating Room for surgery and back to the room after recuperating in the recovery room which also includes an exceptional intensive care unit.

HIMC’s entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your consultation and surgery as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The constant surveillance and the steady care of the medical staff will make you feel reassured, particularly with the regular personal visits made by the Medical Director (Dr.Shammas) after surgery. To further add to the HIMC experience, a hot cooked meal is concocted by a specialized dietician which will be sent straight to your room

Board Certified Surgeons

20 Dedicated Surgeons

The board-certified surgeons at the HIMC perform today’s most sophisticated cosmetic procedures to create natural looking results. The team of surgeons, all with top credentials, gets to know each and every patient. Along with a highly qualified and compassionate staff, the medical Director Dr. Elias Chammas, will help patients achieve their goals with the highest level of skill available in the Middle East. HIMC’s cosmetic surgeons are selected for their expertise, knowledge and experience. Our team of 20 dedicated surgeons applies rigorous standards of care and attests dexterity in many areas of expertise. The HIMC surgeons are associated with the Plastic Surgery Society of Lebanon as well as the American Board Degrees. Equally, the medical utensils and state of the art machinery employed at HIMC are in faultless compliance with FDA standards.



No Sources of Infection or Disease

HIMC has 5 operating rooms. The only operations conducted at HIMC are plastic, and are thus clean cases. Surgical cases involving sources of infection or disease (hemorrhoids, gold bladder, appendix, etc.), are restricted, leaving therefore no room for bacterial contamination to propagate. This explains the rate of Post Operative infections at HIMC, which is practically nil.


Personalized Care

The HIMC hospital was specially designed with patients’ luxurious comfort and serenity in mind. In fact with its 2 deluxe suites, the hospital provides ultimate quality, service and individual attention. HIMC disposes of only 20 sumptuously decorated inpatient rooms with shades of blue, green and salmon for a vivid and bright post operative experience. Furthermore, to ensure ultimate safety, an entire intensive care unit is provided for each patient individually, equipped with a system monitor supervising the patient’s complete vital signs.

Pre-Post Operative Care

HIMC’s surgeons meet very stringent safety standards, serving patients with the greatest care. Safety standards are strictly maintained to protect patients at all times during their stay.

Many of the procedures carried out at HIMC are under local anesthetic as day cases or general anesthetic as complex day cases. In both situations, patients will receive full, written pre-operative instructions and will be discharged with a comprehensive set of post-operative directions to ensure utmost security.

Nabil E. Fadel, M.D.(our competent physician) is an Internal Medicine/Physician at St. Joseph University, Hotel Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut. He performs the pre-operative assessment and clearance of patients as well as the post-operative care and reanimation. In addition, he supervises and implements all universal precautions, medical protocols and infection control standards. He also coordinates with all departments and doctors for the safety and the well being of the patients.

Along with H.I.M.C. surgeons, patients are checked by the most competent anesthesiologists (Dr. Mirna Hanna, Dr. Lina Chidiac, Dr. Randa Azzi, Dr. Mireille Joumhouri). A cardiologist is always available in the hospital as well (Dr. Raymond Saad, Dr. Joseph Elias, Dr. Jamil Tannous).


HIMC is committed to safeguarding patients’ privacy and personal information. HIMC’s medical staff and surgeons operate with utmost discretion and a deep understanding of privacy measures and values.

Female Team

For more privacy and comfort H.I.M.C. female team is here for you. Female Anesthesiologists and nurses wold assist our competent Lady Surgeon Dr. Iman Dargham for women patients avoiding men contact in such private and intimate surgeries.